We have been hosting Daughters of Promise seminars since 2006. 

Young girls from 14 years of age to older women in their late 70’s have participated in a Daughters of Promise seminar.

We have held Daughters of Promise seminars in church settings,  community centres and organisations,  independent and state high schools and with groups of young women who were considered ""at risk” in our community. We have also run a four day camp for young women whose parents were inmates in Qld Prisons.  This was run in partnership with Queensland Prison Fellowship.

I personal love seeing the different ages of women in the same seminar. I believe the the different generations have so much to offer each other. When we work together, supporting, encouraging and sharing life experiences, we all benefit.

Women sharing life together.


During each seminar without fail, we watch as women of all ages and stages of life begin to realize their beauty, strength and identity, and walk into a fuller understanding of their uniqueness and value.

Daughters of Promise seminar takes place in small groups, as it is a personal, intimate and interactive experience designed to help women of all ages discover who they are, their worth and their value.

Teaching, encouragement and support are provided by a dedicated team of women representing many stages and experiences of life.

The goal is simple….

We desire to help women find their true value and worth

And position them to experience the fullness of life.




1. Daughters of Promise Seminar

  • Is a One day seminar which runs from 8.00am - 9.30pm on a Saturday.
  • It is Affordable , and available to women of all ages, stages of life and backgrounds.
  • It is an intensive and interactive environment where subjects that are relevant to women’s lives today are openly and honestly shared and discussed. Where women find practical and honest answers to their challenges
  • It our desire that these seminars provide an atmosphere where women of all ages can grow and be empowered to embrace the “Woman inside “ and walk in a greater measure of their authentic identity and fullness of life

All meals are catered for.

  • Setting context for the weekend.
  • Power of the media in shaping womanhood today.
  • Unique challenges facing women today
  • Body and self  image
  • Physical makeup of a woman

Saturday Morning: 8:00am – 9.30pm (approx.)

Morning tea, lunch and dinner are provided

  • Creating a positive self image of worth and value 
  • Healthy friendships and building a support system
  • Understanding the effects of our past and providing tools to overcome the injuries from the past
  • Sisterhood / generations doing life together / healthy friendships
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Sexual integrity and issues facing women today
  • Empowering woman of all ages and backgrounds to make healthy choices and decisions

Saturday Afternoon: 2:00pm – 7:00pm (approx.) 

Celebration of Womanhood

  • Deportment / Etiquette / Grooming
  • Beauty and skin care 
  • Makeup and Hair
  • Glamour Photos

2. Uniquely You Workshop

"Uniquely You" is a one day event specfically designed for young women between 11 - 13 years old. 
Like Daughters of Promise it is an interactive experience that takes place in small groups where very real issues that young women face today are discussed honestly and openly.

  • Positive self esteem and body image - accepting how unique and precious each of us truely is.
  • Developing and encouraging strong and healthy relationships
  • Skin care and styling a simple wardrobe
  • Importance of correct mentoring and healthy role models
  • The Importance of Mother / daughter relationships    

Women doing life together", helping our young sisters grow into strong and healthy women who are confident to make good choices and be sucessful in life.