There were a number of things that really impressed me about Daughters of Promise. Firstly, the quality of your leadership Sue, coupled with the amazing dedication of your team members was outstanding. There was such an atmosphere of team work which enabled a large amount of topics to be covered and allowed the event to flow well. 

You and all of your team expressed a genuine love and care for all of the women who were involved. This was demonstrated through the time you all spent chatting with the participants and also through the quality of every part of the program, right down to the food! The level of excellence illustrates the very heart of Daughters of Promise – that women are worth it! 

There is such an anointing on this ministry and the presence of God could be strongly felt throughout the weekend. We have witnessed many lives changed as a result of hosting a Daughters of Promise. There has been such growth in all the women who participated, with some of them becoming more involved in the life of our church. They have been raving about Daughters of Promise to their family and friends, with a number offering to pay for other women to be a part of the next event. 

Thank you so much Sue and thanks to your team for blessing the women in our church with this wonderful ministry. We look forward to next year!

Ps. Chrissy Adams

Shiloh Christian Church

I am a Youth Pastor and this role allows me to be actively involved in the lives of teenagers and young adults aged 13-28, through different programs,  

In January this year, we welcomed Ps Sue Hartley and her team to Shiloh to facilitate ‘Daughters of Promise’. A number of our young women were involved in this special event. As it was the first time that we had hosted a ‘Daughters of Promise’ event, the girls had little idea about what to expect, but I can honestly say their lives were greatly impacted in the best possible way. 

Even six months down the track, ‘Daughters of Promise’ is still talked about with much excitement and enthusiasm. I have witnessed a real change in the girls who were a part of it – a change for the better. They have more confidence and are wiser about their decisions for the future. They recognise their value and have been able to leave past hurts behind. 

‘Daughters of Promise’ is well-designed and is facilitated with professionalism and excellence. Every member of the team was well-prepared and easy to work with. I sincerely endorse this ministry and would encourage others to support it in whatever way they are able; be it financially, prayerfully, or by being a participant or host.

Yours truly

Sarah McKeon

Bribie Christian Church took part in the Daughters of Promise seminar with wonderful results.

The seminar was conducted very professionally by Sue Hartley and her capable team and was a huge success both with young ladies attending, with their parents. The content of the seminar was up-to-date, detailed, and delivered appropriately.

The methods of content delivery were varied and were most appropriate for meeting the young people where they were at. Daughters of Promise addressed issues that many people are afraid to touch.

They did this with the utmost of care and sensitivity. All of my attendees and my team were impressed by the team’s willingness to share their own stories of heartache and redemption. I highly recommend this program and its team led by Sue Hartley.

Pastor Kelly Horne

Bribie Christian Church

It is my honor to recommend Sue Hartley and the Daughters of Promise team.
The results of this weekend are ever before me as I move among our young women.
The conversations usually go like this "Well you know I haven't had a problem with
(such and such) since the Daughters of Promise weekend." This can range from being free from an addiction, or striving for acceptance, to being held back by shyness or feelings of unworthiness.

We received  a timely message on purity and wholesome living, but we were doused in love at every move.
At one moment during the program, I wept as I was overwhelmed at the love that was poured out over the women that I love
There is a saying that 'actions speak louder than words.' I can honestly say that Daughters of Promise truly encapsulates the very heart of that saying.

Thank -you Sue and your exquisite team.

We are forever changed
With Love

Pastor Kerrin Donaldson


Participates are saying......

My experience of Daughters of Promise is one I will never forget. It was a blessing that came at the perfect time. Words cannot begin to describe the point I was at in my life and how bad I was feeling. I think it is so easy to believe that we are so terrible and unworthy that God has to have turned his back on us by now and that we are the only one going through such pain.

Daughters of Promise showed me that both of these were terrible lies and revealed the real beautiful truth.

It was an experience that picked me up from a low place and put me right back where I should have always been. 

So thank you to all the team! 


Daughters of Promise was amazing, the team were just phenomenal.

The D.O.P team helped me to get over some pretty deep issues I had with myself and other people. During this experience I have also grown a lot closer to girls at church and our friendship went to a new level of deep communication. We all had an awesome time; we all looked so hot in the photo's that were taken. I have no words that can express the experience I had that weekend.
I have a deeper appreciation for myself and a new look on life.  I would recommend every lady to join the D.O.P experience, you'll get more than you'd expect.

I love and appreciate the Daughters of Promise team.

You are truly extraordinary ladies.

Love always


I did Daughters of Promise when I was 18 (I am now 20). Like the majority of teenage girls – Before I did D.O.P I never understood that I was loved. I never knew I was accepted. I never thought I was as good as anybody else. I always thought there was a huge punishment coming for everything I had done. I always thought I was less than other people. 

By the time I was 16 I had made a pretty big mess of things. I was pregnant, and was living in a caravan park with the abusive father, we dealt drugs, I was addicted to crystal meth among other things, I had lost all my friends, been expelled from numerous schools, suffered from eating disorders and self mutilation, I hated myself, I hated my life...and pretty much thought it was over... this was the best for me, this was as good as it would get because this was all I deserved. 

Hearing this you would probably think that I was raised in a horrible abusive home with heroine junkie parents or something? Wrong... I was raised in the church, and both of my parents were pastors. Even though Christian girls may be told that they are special and loved by God, does not mean that they HEAR it... and I was one of them. 

Over the past 2 years God has been slowly rebuilding my life and Daughters of Promise played an ENORMOUS, irreversible part of it. Although I had been cutting out sinful things in my life & changing everything on the outside, I was carrying a HUGE amount of guilt, hurt, SHAME, self condemnation, embarrassment, regret, and resentment.  I thought the call of God over my life had been erased, and I just honestly thought I was nothing. That no man would love me, that no one liked me , and that I was ugly and so on. 

I kid you not, the D.O.P weekend, TOTALLY...REVERSED & ERASED all of it. My whole life has changed. I had a true revelation of God’s love for me. And gained a true understanding of His Mercy and Grace!!! I now know my WORTH. I'm not ashamed every time I go to church with my son and no father...

Please believe me when I say there was nothing that could break through to me the way God has through this ministry. 



Going to Daughter of Promise I was quite anxious about what was going to take place over the 2 days of the course.  As the 2 days transpired, I realised that so much work had gone into setting the platform for such an intimate meeting with our father. 

Everything that was done in preparation was done with perfection! The prayer for a month or so before the course even begun just demonstrates the love these ladies had for us which then portrayed the love the father has for us! 

When I look back upon this time I am still totally spun out. There were so many surprises that totally touched my heart. The platform the ladies set, allowed the father to touch those hidden places of my heart that I never ever thought I would expose, particularly not at a conference. But the conference was run with utmost confidence and respect for what our journey’s have dealt to us so far. This allowed me to be vulnerable before Christ and the women who definitely demonstrated Christ’s gentleness and love for me.

The conference demonstrated to me, the depth of Christ’s love for me. This then allowed me to open up to him in ways that were hard to walk through, but necessary to get the healing that comes from allowing Christ to touch those places I worked so hard to cover up.


Thank  you all again on behalf of our family and our daughters. We truly value your passion, commitment and care and concern for our daughters. the Daughters of Promise is so worth while and is unique and special. It allows exploration and deepening of their values and belief systems, but inspired our daughters to build important and critical foundations for their future. Thank you for the vision to see this need and make sure it is met.....

Parents of daughters

I think it is a fantastic program that is desperately needed not only for young girls, but older ladies as well. It has reminded me to protect my value and worth and not allow people to take it away from me. thank you

Daughters of Promise was the most amazing experience ever. I loved it so much and everyone was so beautiful and caring and kind.

I feel like a different girls that is more confident and proud. I felt so much love and kindness it was amazing.

Thank you with all my heart

This seminar was very helpful to me. the experience was great and I am leaving with faith i myself and knowing I AM BEAUTIFUL I want to thank everyone at Daughters of Promise for helping me to understand. Thank you 

Daughters of Promise made me realize that I am important and beautiful, and I will always remember this time. everyone belongs and should be respected in this world.