This seminar is made possible by a dedicated and skilled team of women

The Team’s Commitment Statement: 

‘’We are a united and compassionate team of women committed to restoring the value and worth of women of all ages and stages of life, through unconditional love and acceptance"

We have an amazing group of volunteers that make up the Daughters of Promise team

They vary in age from 17 years old to mid 60’s, and even have several mothers and daughters on team.

We are a group of women who support, encourage and empower each other to be successful, working through the challenges of life together.

Each team member comes with unique gifting and talents that this ministry needs, and is open and honest about sharing life’s experiences so that women of all ages can be inspired to succeed in life.

They are beauticians, hairdressers, chefs, caterers, speakers, organisers, facilitators, prayers, decorators, photographers and so much more... But the greatest gift they bring is that they are passionate about supporting women of all ages to be successful in life. 

The criteria for the Daughters of Promise team

  • hold a current blue card
  • is a volunteer
  • has completed a minimum period of training with Daughters of Promise Team
  • has committed to, and signed, theDaughters of Promise Volunteer Agreement
  • is accountable to just authority
  • is actively mentored and mentors others
  • displays gifts needed for this ministry
  • has a passion to reach out to women in love, and make a difference

Daughters of Promise Team

Julie-Anne Faranda

Jenny Robertson

Angela White


Karen Pateman


Rebecca Wilson

Jessica Appleby

Emmelene Dengate

Jenni Baker       

Jenni Baker



Angela Fisher

Esti Florea

Tegan Robertson

Joanne Navaratnam


Karan Teston

Joanne Johnson

Rebecca Thomas

Sarah Barke


Jenny McNabb

Sarah-Jayne Pateman

Sarah-Jayne Pateman

Toni Watson

Jenny Clapham.jpg

Jenny Clapham

Support Team

Joan Andrews

    Alice Florea


Alice Florea

    Esma Watson


Esma Watson


Sarah Dengate