We exist to create environments where women of all ages and stages of life can realize their beauty, strength and true identity and be released Into the fullness of life.

We believe....

Women are amazing, brilliant and beautiful at all ages and stages of life.

She is not defined by her past or by who she is, but rather by whose she is. Her story is unique and God written

That every woman should know her origin and know she is loved unconditionally.

Life is a miraculous gift and should be played out to the fullest, fulfilling your destiny.

Women are called to partner with humanity to make our homes, communities and this world a better place.

To touch humanity with compassion and love. 

Ordinary women pursuing extraordinary lives.

Sue’s passion is to train, encourage and empower people in their life’s journey, and release them into the fullness of life.

As a pastor, mentor and teacher, she has a unique ability to identify potential in people that are often overlooked and walk alongside them as that potential comes to life.

Having spent more than 30 years in the education sector, including 17 years as an early childhood teacher, Sue’s professional expertise has been a significant driver in the development of Daughters of Promise ground-breaking experiential training. Her love of the creative arts has also strongly influenced the diverse and innovative programs.

In 2003 Sue founded Higher Ground Creative Ministry and Ruach. This trained and equipped young people in dance and drama to preach the world of God with a prophetic edge, preparing them to live and minister the Gospel. Higher Ground ran for 12 years.

”To God be the glory, great things He has done” 

She first wrote the Daughters of Promise program in 2006. It was borne out of her passion to see women healed, restored and embracing their purpose and destiny in Christ – driven by the belief that you’re past does not define your future. Daughters of Promise champions women through a highly supported program as they learn about their unique worth and value in the eyes of their Heavenly Father. Each program creates a safe environment where they can experience his healing love and grace, regardless of their journey.

In 2012 Significant Woman was first developed and delivered. Recognising the need for intensive and focused training. Significant woman helps participants gain a greater clarity and empowerment around their purpose and call. This becomes a catalyst for launching KBU International to ensure the ongoing development and sustainability of this vital work.

Sue has three adult sons, two beautiful “daughters in love” and twin grandchildren. She loves being part of raising the next generation.

She is available to speak at churches, schools, women’s meetings and retreats.

I am committed to...

1. Building my life upon truth and integrity.

2. Building my family on unconditional love and truth for future generations.

3. Living true to my purpose “To create transformational atmospheres which release people into the fullness of life”

4. Building a strong and effective ministry founded on the truth, and governed with integrity and honour. Based on Titus 2 Teaching, equipping and empowering women to rise up from their past and their circumstances by receiving revelation and healing, Restoring their true identity in order to fulfil their Purpose and destiny. 

5. To care for, nurture and encourage those in my circle of influence.

6. To be a good steward over everything that I have been blessed with.

7. To be healthy in body, soul and spirit.

8. Develop and nurture strong healthy friendships that will last into old age.

9. To live my life with a spirit of excellence. Knowing that excellence is a choice, born out of purposeful planning, commitment and integrity in all things.

Daughters of Promise is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Directors provide oversight across our coaching and training programs, seminars and events, and support the ongoing development of Daughters of Promise. They ensure we maintain focus on our purpose with integrity and accountability. 

Board of Directors

Pastor Sue Hartley

Founder - Director

Pastor Joy Graetz

Director - Pastoral oversight

Matthew Hartley



Judi Van Mann

Director - Secretary

Jodie Mills

Director - Legal Advice

Kerillie Robertson

Director - Treasurer


We uphold the highest standards of excellence in all areas of our operations including our financial accountability.

This includes being audited by an independent accountant annually.